How to Use Photography to Build Websites: A Step-by-Step Guide

Building a photography website is not an easy project! Read this article and discover how to use photography to build websites! Use our helpful step-by-step guide!

Today, you have a lot of options to use to promote your photography business. Instagram is a great option, so are Pinterest, Flickr, and 500x. Even though these platforms are useful, they are not enough to achieve your success on the web. As a professional photographer, you need something that will perfectly showcase your art and your creative work. You need a tool that you can control entirely and that allows you to present your photographs the exact way you want, with no limits of quality, color, size or design. The tool we are talking about has a name and that is your own photography website. That is right, you need to build your own website where you can present your best photos and help you promote your photography business and establish yourself as a professional in your field.

However, a website does not only do that – the website’s purpose is to grab people’s attention and to transform these people in your regular shoppers.

So, you have no experience when it comes to building websites! You don’t know how to use photography to build websites? No worries as you are not the only one! As a professional photographer, you are talented to have a natural sense of beauty and aesthetic which you can use in the development and design of your own site. Also, you have another advantage – thanks to the great solutions and tools today, such as the website builders, it has become a lot simpler to build a portfolio that is both visually stunning and professionally complete.

We promise you that you will be able to build your photography website, just by following these few steps:

  • Set Your Focus - Before you do anything, sit down and ask yourself what your goals are? DO you want to present your latest photography work? Do you want to attract more clients? Your mind must be set before you begin creating the website as it will help you choose the right photos and organize them better.
  • Imagine Your Layout - The layout is very important, it is the visual structure of your photographic portfolio! For every photographer, the most important idea is to ensure that the photos remain at the center and get the attention they deserve. The first thing you need to do is to choose a background. It is recommendable to choose a clean or white background as it will make your photos to stand out. Also, you need to consider the kind of display you want to use. If you need an inspiration, you can always take a look at the websites of professional photographers and how they organized their site.
  • Add the right pages - It is very important to know which pages you want on your site and where these pages are going to be placed. Here are the pages you must have on your website: the homepage, the gallery, the about me, the clients showcase, the contact, and the extras. You can download free stock photos from Shopify to make your website more interesting.
  • Optimize your website for small screens - As you can see, more and more people are accessing the internet from smartphones. One of the biggest challenges the photographers have to face when it comes to developing a website or online portfolio is making sure that it will be easily noticed on mobile. It is really important to optimize your design accordingly.

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